Hana Money

Earning Information


Customers who use a Hana Money Card (including Hana Point and Yes Point) are eligible.

Earning Standards
  • Hana Money earning and usage standards are based on Hana Money accruing products issued by Hana Card.
  • Hana Money earned based on card use provides the user with minimum 1 money per ₩1,000 spent in a single transaction,
    rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • If points are awarded based on usage from the most recent month, points are awarded only if the minimal usage requirement
    was met.
  • Earning rate and usage exclusion conditions vary depending on the product or service. For detailed information, please check
    the information page for the concerned card.
  • If points-earning limits have been set for the product or service in question, points will be either withheld for the excessive
    portion or a lower earning rate will apply.
Earning Standards
  • EarnHana Money Hana Card

    Different Money can be used for Hana Money Earning Type Products

  • Additional Earnings
    • Special Earnings at Affiliate Stores

      Hana Money Affiliate Stores

    • Hana Financial Group

      Earn Hana Money based on Financial Transactions (Join Hana Members)

Earning Exclusions
  • Local tax, membership fee, interest-free installment, short-term card loan, long-term card loan, and miscellaneous services may
    not be eligible for earning points, depending on the card product used.
    • Hana Money is not offered on affiliate cards such as Korean Air, Asiana, OK Cashbag, automotive, Hyundai Insurance,
      and S-Oil. Instead, affiliate points will be given.
Special Earning
  • Use at participating Hana Money merchants earns you special points.
  • At Hyundai Oil Bank gas stations (exc. LPG), you will 50 points per 1ℓ, based on the gas price.
    (Limitations, 100,000KRW per transaction, two transactions per day, 250,000KRW per month (400,000KRW per month for platinum),
    based on baseline gas price determined by Hana Card.)
    • Not applicable with certain products, including airline, automotive, gas, OK Cashbag, Homeplus, Hyundai Insurance, Moneta,
      and other affiliate cards and The One, N˚N), Medi Nobles, and Global cards.
    • Base earning rate does not apply with in application amount range and instead applies to the excessive portion.
  • Using Yes Shopping or Yes Tour earns between 0.3% to 3% of points.
  • Hana Money earning rate, instructions on use, and standards for expiration may change depending on our and our affiliates
    circumstances. In such an event, a prior notice will be provided.
  • There is no limit to points that can be earned, but this may vary depending on the card product.
  • Points earned using family cards are added to the principal member’s points.
  • Specific standards for earning Hana Money varies depending on the card product. Please refer to each card’s information page
    for more details.
  • The rate for earning special points varies depending on the merchant.

Use Information

How to Use
  • Direct Visit to Place of Use/Customer English Service Center (1544-3500)/Hana Bank Branch/Use via Hana Card Homepage
  • When settling, use Hana Money to merchant (e.g., Please settle using Hana Money)

    Transactions made using Hana Money appear as 60- to 84-month installment transactions for computer processing purposes.

Earning Standards
  • Certain Hana Money merchants and services will require the use of Hana Card. (Excluding BC Card.)
  • For detailed information on merchants and eligible cards, refer to card product information.
Hana Money Merchants
Hana Money Merchants
Merchant Note
Department store Lotte Department Store, Hyundai Department Store,
Hyundai Outlet (Gasan Store, Kimpo Store),
Daegu Department Store
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Supermarket eMart, Lottemart, Homeplus (includes Internet Shopping Mall),
Seowon Yutong Top Mart
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Internet Shopping Auction, GMart, 11st, interpark, Shinsegae Mall, eMart Mall,
CJ Mall, Hyundai Home Shopping, d&shop, AK Mall,
HiMart Shopping Mall, Hana Card Shopping Mall
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Oiling GS Caltex, SK Oil, Hyundai Oil Bank, Ace Oil Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Dining/Convenience 7-eleven, Jeong Gwan Jang, Sushiro, DROPTOP, Todai, BBQ Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Bulgogi Brothers Use Hana Money up to 20%
towards Purchase Amounts
(Up to 1,000~40,000 Money)
Dominos Pizza Use Hana Money up to 50%
towards Purchase Amounts
Movie CGV, Lotte Cinema, Mega Box Cinus Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Books Aladdin, YES24, Interpark Books, KYOBO Books, BANDI/LUNI'S,
KYOBO Hottracks
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Leisure Seoul Land, LotteWorld, Termeden Ocheon Resorts, KidZania,
LotteWorld Aquarium
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
63 City, Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu, Pankyo iQUARIUM Use Hana Money up to 30%
towards Purchase Amounts
Gift card Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store,
Hyundai Department Store, Daegu Department Store
Minimum is more than
10,000 Money
Duty Free Shop Lotte Duty Free Stores, Shilla Internet Duty Free Stores Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money
Life/Culture Seoul Regional Tax, National Tax, Regional Tax,
The-K Insurance Company, Minwon24, Hanjeon Electric Fee
National Health Insurance Service
Use in Full when Holder
has more than 1 Money

As a rule, Hana Money can be used at participating merchants in 1-point increments.
(However, certain merchants may impose higher increments.)

Hana Money Merchants
Hana Money Merchants
Hana Money
Details Note
Annual Fee
Hana Money may be used to pay This Month's Reference
Scheduled Settlement Amount Annual Fee
Branch Office, Homepage,
Hana Card Customer Center
Card Payment Hana Money may be used to settle Reference Scheduled
Settlement Amount by 1 Money Units
Branch Office, Homepage,
Hana Card Customer Center
SMS Charge SMS Service (Usage Alert Service) Pay Usage Fee  
Card Loan
Hana Money may be used for the Total Billed Amount of the
Card Loan Interest Payment Request 1 Money Units
Branch Office,
Hana Card Customer Center
Starting from more than 1 Money, held Hana Money may
be deposited in your Settlement Account as cash
(1 Money Units)
Branch Office, Homepage,
Hana Card Customer Center
Gift Card
National Tourism Gift Card, SK Gift Card, Shinsegae Gift Card,
Purchase GIFT Cards using Hana Money
Branch Office, Homepage,
Hana Card Customer Center
Hana Money
Make Donations to various organizations using Earned
Hana Money
Point Park (pointpark) Point Conversion (100 Money Units)
(Formerly YES Point)

* Only available to Customers who
have not joined Hana Members

Hana Bank (KEB) Point Conversion (Formerly YES Point) Branch Office, Homepage,
Hana Card Customer Center

* Only available to Customers who
have not joined Hana Members

Mobile Coupon Hana Money Settlement may be used to purchase
Mobile Coupons at Yes Mobile Shop
Cyber Money Hana Money may be used as rechargable cash to make
purchases on pmang, Naver, Hangame, etc.
individual Homepage
Hana Card
Make Reservations to Hana Card Culture Performances
Hana Bank
Internet Banking
  • Internet Banking Transfer Fee: On the Internet, you may use Hana money to pay for Commision Fees if sending a Transfer to another Bank.
  • Credit Card Settlement Amount Presettlement: Hana Money
    may be used to pay for future payments for Hana Card
    Settlement Amounts
  • Savings/Fund Payment: Savings/Fund Payments may be
    used to pay additional payments using Hana Money
  • Loan Repayment: Via Internet, Loan Rate Payments may be
    partially or fully paid using Hana Money
Hana Money Usage Balance Information
  • Hana Money will be fully deducted when it is used at Hana Money Affilate Stores
    (Shopping Mall, Tax, Purchase Gift Cards, etc.), partial deduction is not possible.
  • Hana Money earned by the Card Holder may be used by either the Card Holder of their Family Members.
  • Hana Money may be transferred between Family Members.
    (Add and disperse Hana Money amongst your Family Members and share more benefits.)
  • In order to transfer Hana Money, Family Members must become an assignee by visiting and registering at a Branch Office.
  • Once a member, Hana Members may give other people 'Hana Money Gifts' via the Mobile App.

Guide to Expiration

Hana Money Validity and Expiration
  • Hana Money points are valid for 5 years (60 months) and automatically expire each month from that point on.
  • Valid Hana Money points will not expire even if the card has been put on hold or cancelled. If a member withdraws their
    membership, it will be possible to reclaim owned Hana Points in their entirety by becoming a member again while the points are
    still valid. However, this does not apply if the member requested deletion of their personal information.
  • If the member’s membership has been withdrawn (due to not owning a valid card or losing membership status) or requested
    deletion of their personal information, they will be informed of when their balance of Hana Money points will expire and of how to
    use the points prior to the withdrawal or the deletion as per the standard agreement.
  • If the membership withdrawal or request for deletion of personal information is due to personal information being leaked or a
    violation of the Specialized Credit Financial Business Act or another finance-related act, the member will be compensated by
    other means equaling the remaining Hana Money points’ value.
  • Members will be given Hana Money expiration-related information, including number of points due to expire, expiration date,
    and so on, each month via charge statements, starting six months prior to the scheduled expiration.

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