• Corporate Master Platinum Card - A prestigious Corporate Master Platinum Card! See Details

Recommended Corporate Cards

    • Point Corporate Card
    • Premium Biz TR Card
    • Platinum Royal Card
    • VISA Platinum Card 1200
    • VISA Platinum Card 300
    • Master Platinum Card 1200
    • SKYPASS Corporate Card
    • ASIANA Club Corporate Card
    • DollarPay Card

short cut Menu

  • Reference Usage Records
  • Settlement Service
  • Usage Limit
  • Point
  • Manage Member Info
  • Corporate Points - Points that can be earned by using Corporate Points-enabled cards.
  • Open Web Service-Easily and Conveniently Use a Variety of Web Browsers
  • SMS Service-Send Real-Time Transaction Alerts to your Mobile Phone and Prevent Card Misuse

How to Use Cards

Customer Service Center

ARS 1544-3500

Weekdays 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

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